A drop in an ocean

I feel left out sometimes
My bones don’t enjoy holy anger
Some of their hearts must be limes
It starts off sour then it gets bitter
I’m no better on my own part
Have no fanatic in my cells
Was the man who watched them decay into smells
Was the one who could do nothing to quicken or stop their hearts
Was not a messenger from God condemning them to their fate
Threw the end of the world party
Danced on the graves of the corpses from whom life is now separate
At least that’s what they told me
I whispered in my own corner for the town crier liked bad news
He got more crowds to listen to him hit his gong and spread his message
Sometimes he got people in the pews
The preacher reminded them to prepare for a dark age
I whispered louder and the crier found me hateful
The accusers and the fanatics both found my lifespan worthless
Spreading nothing but my own thoughts and feelings so my spawn are not thoughtless
Soon I was dead and they were in search of another fool

Hair on Fire

I walked calmly through a crowded conference
My tray in hand, my beard and my dreads
Was serving wine so my balance was my concern

My hair was filled with so much product it was numb

I fear that a button atop my shirt is missing
Or my facial hair looks older than a season
That some tragic zit has from my face extended

Still some shy turns to hide the shocks they expressed

I walked a little more on my route
As I began to smell a fire kissed roast
Like some mangled fur and a rubber tire

Till the head waiter shouts your head’s on fire

Oh excuse my condition but is there water to quench
No he said but the tap by the pool has a wrench
And I ran with dress shoes and it became slippery
Which turned into a pool splash quickly


I figured out your step too far
The battery to get you tick tick ticking
It’s not like mine which makes for exciting living

Strange that this is your line, your bar

Courageous you are to reveal your weakness
How can you win now in this race?
How can you keep up with my pace?

When I know what causes your sadness

Chastise you oh I did, do not tell me
But your trusting ears heard the opposite
I’m the sum of all your fears a composite

But into your dark you let me

I found out the line to cross
The catalyst for your reaction
Dissimilar to mine own but a distinction
I limbo under your invisible line, your loss

Loose rope

Shape me my experiences did
Led me down this path of tactless greed
I duped and i scammed and i moaned all the while

The weight of my sins could overflow the Nile

I felt it switch up on me my changes
Went from one minute smiling to the other enraged
Couldn’t pick my feelings, just showed them forth

My sane walls are breaking, i need a new fort

Change my tune up at gunpoint
Now I’m singing in b flat
Like i changed up my address and living in b flat

Wish they won’t end me while my head they anoint

Tighten up my rhyme like the rope was loose
Changing up my stitch like there ain’t nothing to lose
Feel loved and accepted so I’ll give what I’ve collected
Free from torturous horror at least that’s what I intended


Wholly separate from her words and thoughts
She resigned herself before the clock struck one
As the offer was one few ever get to regret
A price paid for the art of one called a reject

Discipline had led her here
Tireless nights of insomnia and bad hair
Mixes of coffee with creative things like ice
And now here were her riches, her spice.

She kept a schedule by her bed
Clocked in like someone with a dream once said
Dressed in more than nightwear she’d work for hours
Painting the skies blue and dark grey the towers

Initially she thought it was a power borne
One unquestionably brilliant even beyond scorn
And even with no regrets to her past that led her here
She was objectively better this year

That’s something one rarely gets in creation
Not enough to ponder and say ‘it was good’
Without sounding like a crazy tyrant even if one could
So she let her past self be her current inspiration

Phase You

Next to me we called a prison love for years
We were kids with many fears
Like being alone and having no one

But you were there when I needed someone

Now I know it didn’t phase you
Chased your dreams and blazed through
All the changes we failed to go through together

But I couldn’t get through to another

Guess I kept myself not like refrigerated
But I shelfed myself like a can of beans preheated
I couldn’t make noises as my heart sank

*eating cake noises* why my account lack

And I’m no tragic story would have hit it anyway
It just didn’t happen, was not my day
I thought we was magic stay six years like the titanic

But I was wrong and you should find your own jack and let him be your room to panic

I’m regressing here too
Got into comics last year
After kidding around for two

And not the kind that you tear

The kind that keep with you when the shops wrap
But ain’t no loss there, ain’t had no teary sap
Infact all that I miss was her smooth hair
She let me touch her goldy locks like I was a little bear

No visions

She held my hand and it was magic
Hope the night will stay for awhile
Showed her quiet rooms how tragic

They were happy once with smiles

See that room there was a couple within
And they had two small children
Till a plague came in, took away their grins

And all that was left was dark like their skin

In room number 2 was a burgeoning writer
All dreams and no visions
Till one night he sees something red like danger

And he has no visions

I don’t know what we’ve been on
I’ve known too much pain to string you along
It’s not you its my sadness

Won’t use my pain to taint your gladness

I hope she keeps smiling
Don’t remember me like a pile of autumn leaves in summer
Snap her fingers forget our slumbers
Hope she keeps on smiling

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