Like a tale told by a seer

They say love is blind, I guess that’s why I couldn’t see her

Life gets boring

When all you can know is in a module

And so time passes between the last line and the next

Walls were broken, I lost my defenses

The interesting things bore me

So I was surprised at how she impressed me

How just looking across the room into her eyes seemed to excite me

I told her my name and how this was no game

I told her of love and hoped she felt the same

It’s crazy like the summer days without rain

That’s how I felt when I didn’t know if I’d see her again

Beautiful blonde hair, she had

I guess she wasn’t really a good girl, nor was she bad

An evening in the winter, I heard my phone ring

My mittens could barely handle the telephone

She said to meet tomorrow in the park

I was happy, I must have sung like a lark

When we began to speak I knew where it was going

How could I have thought beauty would fall in love with a beast?

She spoke of Paris and her new job

I sighed oh my, I was too hopeful

And of how she had really wanted to go

She said but and then paused for awhile

And slowly her face lit up with a smile

She told me that she’d go anywhere with me

And from that day I knew another loved me

Later I asked her to marry me

She said yes

And quickly we began to prepare for the day

What more can I say?

She looked like a heavenly body as she walked down the aisle

Holding her dad but also telling him goodbye

I hoped I would be a good husband and a good father

And she would make a great mother

I lifted the veil and looked into her eyes

What else could I tell you of paradise?

I hoped and prayed as I signed

The certificate of marriage by my side

That I would be good to this woman

Her hair glistening and eyes sparkling

As I held her I realised that

By my side was beauty unmatched

Who’d brave with me an avalanche!

Oh how I’ve missed her with all these foreign trips

All the eating out and all of the giving of tips

Now all I ask is to hold my wife

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