The hill : In their heads

Their heads
Grow bigger
Until I implode
A story began like some of old
A city built on a hill watched as its settlements were torn
They had to dwell with underlings
That lived below the hills
They ate the bread they never had
The wine they considered stale became as important as water
The chief of the hill settlement quit living
He couldn’t bear the shame
That they who were high up had to dwell on ground the same
With uncultured creatures

So he fell forever from our Hill
He was curled up in pieces of himself
I had married a ground dweller so I was much calmer because I was with my family
Then in-laws came to hurl insults at my very self

Calling me a traitor for marrying an outsider
So I moved back up the hill
To find peace

To find rest

Looking down, I saw that
The problem with my people from the hill was in their heads

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