Crime Drama: A-Gain

The story begins and we see a helmet/visor in our immediate peripheral vision. It is quiet, it is static, it is non-expressive and we see a reflection off the visor. It’s big, bright and blue as it comes into view. We can see now that we’re on a road and the figure is riding atop a motorcycle. No sound can be heard as the blue hue on the road is both a light source and an energy source. The motorcycle continues down the road as one begins to wonder what is happening.
     Further down the road, a gunshot can be heard,faint at first but louder as it rings through the night sky. The shots are followed by screams of people, many people in different and divers tongues. Our rider continues down this road seemingly unphased by the recent occurence and without speaking a word or making a noise. Suddenly, the motorcycle screeches to a halt in a dark knight style bike drift as the burning smell of the tires can be smelt in the air. And as if time slowed down, the biker takes off the helmet to unleash the long hair which is possessed by the same rider. The riders steps off the bike to assist the people who may have been affected by the shooting and help to calm the situation in the aftermath of the horror. The walk slowly turns into giant running strides as another gun shot is heard in the enclave. The rider rushes toward the source of the sound down a hill while trying to maintain bearings and hopefully help some innocents.
     When the rider reaches the source of the sound, a hooded person can be seen running away. Instinctively, our rider chases this person. They run through a house, over a bin and under a fence as the breaths can be heard increasing in frequency. The rider stops when a voice can be heard calling for help nearby, the person seems to be on the cusp of death. After a split second of decision making, the rider rushes to the aid of the victim and tries frantically to stop the bleeding and to calm the victim. All of these efforts however don’t come to fruition as the rider watches a person die with no way to help and all hope seeming lost. Suddenly a foghorn blares into the universe”You are surrounded! Put your hands above your head!”. And as a helicopter light shines down on our rider, some individuals in uniform come behind the rider and click handcuffs onto their wrists.
As the head is being shoved down into the car door, one is only left to wonder, Who killed the man?

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