The Shadow : A short story (Part 2)

For the last time, I don’t know where they are. They always changed locations pre-briefing and you didn’t get extract information until a job was done. That way we never changed our minds halfway through a mission. It was either complete the mission or die , Or even worse get caught by you.

Oh they’ll see you coming from so far way. They’re not your salt of the earth type , they are skilled, trained and smart with a lot of resources at their disposal not like you but more much more. They have tech that hasn’t even been featured in sci-fi yet, your bat mind can’t comprehend what you’re up against. You’ll be dead before you flap your cape to block bullets even before your boots touch the ground. The only way to find them is to leave me to finish the job you stopped me from doing. They’ll relay the message to me and you can do whatever with the information. So what’s it gonna be huh?… a little tit for tat? quid pro quo?

You’re freeing me now? But what about your code huh, due process? Do you think that will help when they see you? Are you willing to accept a people you can’t beat to submission, who will not comply or let down? Hey, it’s your funeral. Say hi to the family for me will ya?

* I saw the shadow of fear on the ground beneath me, waiting for me to do the right thing and to save myself but there I was again, saving my people. It may not seem right but this was my fate and my truth, It was my denouement in the final act.

“If ever captured, don’t forget to bite. For you won’t lose the war If you can sacrifice in the fight”

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