Of men and manliness

Therapeutic as it is to expose my deeper desires
I have a dick so I’m a build my towers
With steel and concrete and forged in fire
Beard on my face with a lumber-sexual mire
I live in the world, so consider women
One will be your wife with kids, middle class living
You want to be emotionally stable are you insane?
Men don’t shed tears they swallow pain
Mercy unto no one, fathers conquered lands
Don’t be like those gay hippies holding hands
Drink enough to dull emotion
Punch first in the midst of any commotion
Men don’t consider their place in the world
It’s time to clean the kitchen or hasn’t she heard?
Women should take only what they’re given especially in bed
When a bread winner loses, enjoyment goes overboard
Battle scars shouldn’t be given they should be earned
If you want to design her face with tire marks then why did you wed?
Raising another cog in the machine with no experience?
I guess your son will row, row boats with his manliness

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