Crime drama: B-ayonet

She was shocked and shaking as she was being taken into the police station. This was Lagos PD with it’s “restored look” referencing the era that came before, complete with corrugated iron sheets and King Sunny Ade’s music playing in the background. Why this was playing is beyond the reaches of this story, it would make one think that the wizkid renaissance was ignored by history. There were desks everywhere one could look in the room, with a lot of london-blank cop faces looking back at her. There are a few things more intimidating, far more than she could have hoped for.
Interrogation room 1
Detective Cassius was not hesitant as he opened the door into the first interrogation room, he seemed hopeful that this would be an easier solve than the previous investigations they had dealt with. He looked at her as he sat across, she seemed pensive and was still shaken for the most part. Cassius smiled as he began the questioning,
“Do you require a lawyer? You have the right to one you know?”
“Ummmmm…… Ummmm….. No, No……. I don’t” – She said
“Can you state your name for the record?” – C
“Taiwo…. Olanipekun …….Adams” – She said
“That’s Yoruba isn’t it?” – C
“Yes, ……………….. yes sir it is. Can I get some water?” – Taiwo
He signals to someone behind the mirror to bring water
“Well, you were at the scene of the crime at the time of the shootings, were you not?” – C
“I was sir, but I didn’t kill anybody” – Taiwo
“Taiwo, we have it on good authority that you shot the deceased man” – C
“Why? I shot no one, I was riding my bike on the highway. I heard the shot and I rushed to help” – Taiwo
“That’s not what the witnesses say.” – C
“What did they say then?”- Taiwo
“Someone with a dark helmet and all black rode in on a motorcycle and murdered a civilian” – C
“I swear to you sir, I had nothing to do with it. It’s all a coincidence” – Taiwo
“Coincidence? Don’t give me that bullshit….. Pardon my french. You expect me to believe that all of this is a coincidence” – C
“Sir, that is the truth. I expect you to believe the truth… believe me” – Taiwo
“The truth? I can’t just believe everyone’s version of a story. It doesn’t make sense” – C
He closes his file on her that he had brought in the room with him
We can see her sweating in the lit up room from the other side of the glass she is looking at.
“I’m sorry, she seems very shocked to me. That’s not killer-like” C
“Why didn’t you tell her who died? Are you serious? That information can never leak, it’ll ruin us” – Larue Timpkins
“We may have to let her go sir” – C
“I know, I hope we’re right about her” – L

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