Spoke like he walked like a crab
I reckon, the words weren’t well ordered
Man danced so hard, took a few days to recover
The doctor says he could have gone softer on the dab
My muscle feeling is gone
Vague memories of the party, I guess it was fun
Vodka done me again with many hallucinations
How long was I drunk for and why no invitation?
Timeline don’t make sense I know
I slept as he threw up and they watched him go
Trauma on his head and there’s no explanation
Animal by night and lawyer his day vocation
To be or not to be
Man’s much more crazy than free
Guess it affected her more
Lightweight can’t get off the floor
Vague screeches and quatre doctrines
Side speeches and nature documentaries
Back to mundane existence
Memo to myself “You fucked up” don’t make sense

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