Napalm and Coffee

Eyes wide open, waiting for life to happen
Signals in the ether because arms were wide open
Sheitan is your nemesis and haunt you he will
It’s a brutal summary very much like vol 2 kill bill
Natural light with unnatural lighters glow
We were wookies in conquest with a fighters bow
Sigmund fixed you when you were down
Did he also tell you he’s crazier than doc brown
Material it’s an insult to how I used to live
Tragic with the pig’s blood how am i meant to give
Sheep will lead the shepherd like a bunch of cattle
Reapers hating shepard and now he’s ready for battle
Talk about my new year with all that I’ve been missing
Children getting found with many yet to listen
Hold what’s yours tight like an oscar
Hold onto your rights because fear is not far
Ironic how they’d let her be welcome
But lock his hair up so that he won’t come
Fire burns out fire at least heat blast said so
Make him change the way his hair is hung low

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