Humming in the background

Slowly set in, very odd

How’s your journey so far, Is your music so underground?

Shaved beard didn’t bleed, felt like God

Flight I’d been on in escapist lapses

Life redeemed me with slow romances

Hell burned over with my cup half full

I pray for my cup to run over, now I feel a tool

Man was weak but had endless valour

Bind together like naked men panting in parlours

Sheathed swords for business discussions

Malevolence while tiresome makes crosses of destruction

Tyrants with tanks parked in their palaces

They are vampires with closets in their skeletons

Maiming maids of, made in Asia

While writing profound letters to Galatia

Women tired, children traded where is peace for them?

Equal pay and equal rights, who will weep for them?

Social change that changed no societies

Flourishes with the exchange of reality for sympathy

Pants are burning and boxer shorts too

Politicians have done what they do

Making holy widows from killing the sane

If democracy is the greatness, why does it feel the bane?

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