I’m sick like i got jaundice
Flow so cold like the winter solstice
Real times slick on the beat like her hair do
Spent some time in the shop for this hairdo
It’s at times like this I try to remember
Shit that happened before my fourth September
I’m changing but not so much like a coin
I’m a new me in a quarter this must be a sign
What I was sent to do I don’t believe in
Spent too much time on faith healing preaching
While my body was thinking of sexual healing
Just didn’t allow me get in touch with my feelings
I was repressed like a recessive gene
Felt too fat in my little jeans
I’m better and I can improve too
Not done testing out my changing world view
It’s brand it’s spanking so I’m a thank me
Listen to 2015 you that’s advice that’s free

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