Salted Cashews

“How much of a movie do you need to watch?” asked Justine to the bloke across on the table who sat cross legged while typing something on his keypad. They had been talking about a show from the 70’s called Mind Your Language, He had brought it up rather irreverently as he planned to test the waters and know where she stood politically and socially. She had said that she was familiar with the show as it was mentioned by one of her favourite comedians on an American talk show. She took a few seconds to recall what he had said and she remembered that he had said that the show had been laced with stereotypical characters from dressing and speech patterns to national conflicts, He felt the show was terribly dated and cited it as a kind of zwarte pete of the past.
“What is your name again” asked Justine to the man sitting across the table with his man-spread feet and his worried looking face while scrolling on his phone. He perks up for a while and looks into Justine’s eyes as if searching for something to say. He asked her how she felt about Californication as a drama. She laughed as soon as he said drama and quickly pointed to the immense amount of sex and sexual humour that was used in the show and noted how it was distasteful. She remarked about the opening scene in which he has sex with the daughter of his ex’s boyfriend and how it’s mere inclusion showed the extent to which the show-runners and writers hated women. The first part of the story involves Mia trying to blackmail him for having sex with a minor who was within the scope of his relations. If the show was making a comment on how life kind of winds down for some people and they get into this funk of unhappiness and how the hole is almost impossible to fill at some point during that.
“When did you stop watching the show” asked Justine to the male who sat across the table from her with a full head of hair and a well trimmed goatee. He seemed a bit bigger than he was when they had matched and she was very surprised by how little he had said. He had this intellectual air about him, his speech seemed purposeful and chosen carefully through a vetting process of scrutinising, clarifying and then finally speaking the words he had wanted to. She continued in response to her own question that she had stopped in season three when it seemed like the love story with Karen was going nowhere. She felt Hank was purposely making others around him as miserable as himself in a bid to find completeness, he had wrecked his daughter’s life and toyed with Karen’s marriage to a nice guy who loved her and would give her peace. “That may be true but I thought the show was great, It helped me through a writer’s block and a miserable exam period”.
“My name’s Dave” said Dave to Justine sitting across the table from him with her Afro puffed out and her ear rings glistening as would blind a man and her lips blue bright like the night sky. He smiled as he looked at her and she smiled back. If you looked really close you could see her blush through her dark brown skin as a smile also formed on her face. The waiter comes over to their table no 21. and asks if they were ready to order. Justine orders a baked salmon with stir-fried rice and lemon squeezed over the glazed fish with a beer. For his order, he said, “I’ll have a roasted fish and salad with beer and a side of salted cashews”.

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