Longer nights

I wish we had more time together
Less days and more nights
I’d love to see you do what you will
Spend our nights together
No quarrel no fights
I see there’s time still
Follow me,  let’s walk
For A forever period we’ve not talked
Side by side
Hand in hand
Take it in my stride
I won’t take you for a ride
A long walk in the breezy evenings
Night endings
Morning beginnings
I see your face when I awake
It’s glowing
My feelings are growing
You slept in the other room
I wanted to be with you
Don’t let it be true
You don’t feel the way I do
Longer nights
Open eyes
I try to get some sleep
Would you believe?
I thought we’d be forever friends
Nothing again
The third night
I’ve been awake
Your phone is switched off
So wide awake
Missing you

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