The Emperor’s Wedding

I bled from my crown
My features mired by sinking feelings
I saw my reflected face frown
My new courage slower than my teething
I have lost my crown
My face is scarred in the portrait
He said he’d take it for free down
I rejected the offer for a royal doesn’t take bait
My glorious robes formed round my waist
They were bright blue like her eyes
The harness fastened with all the haste
At penultimate moment it seemed clothes vaporise
Weddings are overrated, best groom sighed
We’ll get them all on wine drunk quickly
Give me your cellar key and this will be fixed
Will this any money extra cost ? said me
Nothing consequential said he as long as my guests were fed
I sat on my invisible tunic bare bottomed and shiny
Would find later that he had also taken the key to my bed
The curtains opened to crowd dismay, a little child pointing at something tiny
What embarrassing situation is this?
I will fire the tailor as soon as the need arises
Who will want to marry me in such unflattering vestments
Well to begin it’s winter here so the knight only in the dark rises

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