Letter to me No. 2

25 Northington Avenue,
Hampstead Road, Lincoln, England
23rd February 2017
Dear Me,
Hello there! It’s been 2 weeks since I wrote you, I know that I’m disappointing to you looking back at how fat you were, It must be numbing to think about it with your amazing bat-abs. I hope you like your hair now, I started combing the hair now so that our hair will be amazing where you are now a also because 2016 hair pain was too real.
I know that my last letter was about love and this one is not similar to the last one in that try views on my past love has changed. I feel like my life has been mired with long stretches of unspoken words and silencing my dissent. I even looked at dissenting judges as villainous, I did something drastically crazy after valentine’s day. As you may remember or know If things change, our first girl friends birthday is on valentine’s which was problematic as I was brokenly broke but I had also promised her a present to mark her 19th Birthday. I was also very ill that week if you remember why we decided to never get sick again. I hope the text went well in terms of clarifying your position and leaving less things unspoken
I have left a lot of things unsaid and have had a lot of heartbreak in my peripheral vision and it has been trying. I’ve fallen in love with musician females and left if only to let them follow their dreams. It’s never really love though, it’s lust and nostalgia and sameness of person and similar conversing points.
I hope you’re happier in the Future.
Yours sincerely,
John Broadgait

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