I lit up the nicotine container
I saw the flames eat into the cigarette
Put the filter and my lips so much closer
Took in the air and exhaled my regret
Stood there as I looked at the donor beside me
When I saw them smoking, something lit up inside me
Asked if they had extra and they offered one
Came here for the glow but now I’m gone
Stepping where I had the past day
My throat was still dry from the inhaling
Stomach queasy from all the mixtures yesterday
It’s coarse when they run their course ending
Too much is never too little
I smoked like I would turn a ghost
Like the cloud would cover me, my face at most
The bitter had gotten to my tongue as I formed a spittle
Time goes fast when you’re throwing up
In the corner of a street you had wanted to visit
Like something vile, vulgar or explicit
You start to remember how much fun you had glowing up

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