Letter to me No. 3

25 Northington Avenue,
Hampstead Road,
Lincoln, England,
29 March 2017

Dear Me,
Hello there, It’s been a month since I wrote you last. It’s disappointing to think that
forgot your fora little while but then again here I am At this point in time you (I) think the soundtrack of beauty and the Beast 2017 is amazing to listen toe specially Evermore and Days in the Sun.

This is a problem you may not have anymore but is one that I struggle with but currently more and more I don’t feel anything after seeing movies. the last movie that I really hated was Suicide Squad but since then I’ve felt indifferent toward Dr. Strange, Fantastic Beasts, Rogue One, Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers. They were probably entertaining to watch bet they made me feel hollow inside. One reason for this is something I call Retcon Jesus which is when a plot hole is replaced with some thing that is unfeeling and soulless and sucks the awe out of these movies. A move apt description would be that the movies had me face-palming like when someone makes a move even after their pawns cancelled each other out. These felt like necessary bridge movies to either set up a franchise, push it forward or just moved to recreate a better movie beat. Iron fist left me dead inside, marvel disappointed me by chucking a character I love into so much crap that you can barely make out his dragon emblem burned into his chest. (It annoyed the ever loving fuck out of me)

I regret that this ended up being a talk about movies I did not like.I loved Logan, Iron Man 3 (Netflix release), Arrival and Storks which you may still like or even own-I didn’t hate most of the movies in fact, they Just felt like vehicle cases (little Public law humour) rather than entities to themselves.

I guess you are an indie movie fan as a result of all the disappointment.

Yours sincerely,
John Broadgait

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