Who are you angry at?

I heard you were angry at black folk for not thinking you were black enough
For looking at you and thinking you never had it tough
Never seen the suffering in life, never been on the streets
Never had to beg for food or fire to cook with and eat
I heard that you are angry at the white man for not caring about your culture
For thinking your traditions are the past and everything west is the future
For trying to change you, change your voice, change your accent
For trying to make you something that can live in the world in the current
I heard that you’re angry at the philosopher because his words don’t change anything
His darkness is light and grey is all around us means next to nothing
His cold eyes lingering as you whisper through all your feelings
Never batting an eye until you talked of your political leanings
I heard you were angry at the government
For having no effect like a blunt instrument
For leaving many poor and others dead
Filling the young with hope while resting the old’s head

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