Crime drama: Confusion

She was stunned by what had transpired that day and looked solemnly at the ground as she was led to her cell. The guards with their expressionless masks reflecting the hallway and its bleak qualities, the cells were full on either side of them with murderers, rapists, fraudsters and petty thieves. Each one anticipating the entry of a new member to their ranks with their prison bars rattling rather noisily while they exclaimed in choice manners some hissing and wolf whistling while some others remarked on her pretty hair and neck tattoo.

The walk seemed to drag on and suddenly, the holding cell where her cellmate resided was before her eyes. Her eyes welcomed the detail of the cell as she entered her new home until her lawyer gets the charges dropped, the room was about the size of a closet in the Apex town centre and was garnished with many forms of paraphernalia. The far end of the room had the toilet while the space beside the door had a shelf where A lily in summer and other poems was placed neatly. As these pictures were taken in by her eyes, the officers proceed to remove her handcuffs and secure the cell doors while exiting the cell area. A hand appears from her blindside to the right and she turns to meet her cell mate Algernon, he was a short man of about 5’7 with a bulging belly and what seemed like gynecomastia. His hair had formed a reverse v and was sitting uncomfortably in small tuft patches, his beard had been grown out in such a way that his eye colour seemed an important detail to note (beige). She introduced herself as Taiwo i.e. Tahyeahwoah to him and shook him feigning a smile as she asked about how the daily life usually is around here. He shows her his tally etchings and explains that he has not been here for very long he does however know enough about the place to survive. He tells her that for the most part, she needs to rest up and that he would show her how the place works.

The night had gone as the day arrived slowly on the horizon, the prisoners were being woken up by the foghorns shouting ‘Cell check time’. Taiwo gets up off the top of the  bunk bed and gets to the ground in search of Algernon. He is sitting upright and apologises for not waking her earlier, he states that his previous female cell mate was very “assertive” and he would usually get a beating whenever he tried to wake her. She empathises with him and points to his nose bandage as if asking whether that was a result of the beatings to which he nods his head. From the cell, they make their way out to the shower room and then towel wrapped around body they proceed to take new clothes from the laundry. He tells her that he usually wakes earlier because he doesn’t want to end up with a uniform that is not suited for him necessarily, he corrects her direction as she heads toward the exit sign and says that it is time for breakfast. They both walk toward the mess hall with bold letters written ‘Peterborough Facility Mess Hall’.

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