Barking from the Doghouse

I welcome with a smile and nod
Lovely day, sky with no clouds
Watched coat removed from shoulders broad
As they sat down with crossed legs proud

Shushing around the home as the game comes on
The ball bouncing toward goal with anticipation
Shouting fills the room as the nil turns to one
Fills the room with aroma as diet loses gumption

Banging metals on breakable baked clay
Chatter flung around like a hot potato
Smiles appear on faces as others try to say
How good the food is as words get lost in the noise tornado

Sink side with soapy gloves washing
While pleas for me to stay abound throughout
I concede defeat with hung head and fallen hair
Question about what i will not try as i fail to pout

Lumps of clay being moulded as life begins anew
Rebirth and new creatures great and small
Alive and beautiful with bright lights not blue
I sit down as the empty room appears to break my fall

Coats are absent and room is dark and cold
Laughter comes from my TV set from a new channel
These happen more often as age makes me old
Mimes speak more often and wear less flannel

Teeth clean much later with their light brown glimmer
Push-ups arrive today as is often infrequent
Mirror changed or workout worked and i look slimmer
Again I answer a bell like once when I was a prefect

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