Why love the world?

I dropped my beliefs because I fought another’s war

Had little time for self, had little worth of self

I gave up on church, taking lashes had made me sore

Felt so little could be changed, was little more than a serf


No one forced me to believe, none forced me to leave

Dad had a disappointed father for his decision to believe

Here I was thirty years later deciding not to follow his path

Kept my new life to myself as there’s no loans to borrow


Shame they said that the west had gone in the sewage

Laws that freed love, somehow made them the enemy

A choice was made for me about my definition of marriage

I did not care for this, as I do not care for the rising sun or Craig Bellamy


I will not critique someone who finds solace in belief

But I did not appreciate being vindictive about things I had no care for

Being an interested male sworn to celibacy with no course for relief

So ultimately I did not think their ways left me whole rather split in four


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