Random Jokes

*these may not be as funny as I thought they were but I was literally out of ideas for today’s post. Here they are

Man shaves his head because someone called him a dickhead and he went with it
Person caught masturbating on camera begins his criminal defence with “on the one hand”
What’s the difference between the nuns and a hijab, a lot of Christians aren’t catholic
Lady in ancient arabia rides into town and as she passes you can really see the cameltoe
Man purchases a dozen horses, says he wants to invest in a stable economy
Person donates toward the revival of favourite show, becomes donor for Pentecostal church
Lazy writer gets contract revoked because ‘place holder female’ is not a good character name
Method actor for period piece goes into a museum in character and gets lost
Apparently a computer virus understands human connection and helps you get a bigger penis in 9 days
Even if Mayday was a bank holiday, he shouldn’t have slept on her
If Amazons are warrior women only, then their economy must be very Greek indeed
If I hear ‘insert cash or select payment type’ again i’m going to ‘thank you for shopping at tesco’

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