Deluded simpleton is my middle name, that’s where I got to after a month of thinking, maybe not critically but at least trying to understand why a mountain became a mole hill. I’ve not posted  anything in months for a number of reasons. The one that led me here was a desire to be a studious learner and pass examinations. It was rather abrupt and since I’ve not had the fortitude to publish anything anyway. It’s been terrible because I fell off the horse and tried unsuccessfully to reembark while it was moving at a running speed. It is entirely my fault as well as both the responsibility and wounds I bear. Hopefully I can be better in the future starting now. Whoever reads this, thanks and stay tuned for some stuff I’ve planned for the future. In the meantime here’s a poem:

Falling forever seemed like a long time
It pained me that I hadn’t changed my mind
My limited role in the choice of citrus like lime
Boggled myself for days before I left it behind

Brought it up again it was unexpected
She thought we were done with that wee distraction
I quickly changed what had been n her perception
While we were present in a house she rented

The walls were painted cream because beige was too pretentious
My preferred blue was in the trash like most of my humility
I’d bottled up this for a while and the doctor said  to avoid anything contentious
Here goes I said as I ubshackled myself from dignity

What is it she said as though she was not present in my head torturing me
Lording over my head her victorious conquering
For while seated in TGI Friday’s she ordered orange juice without my considering
Bah I said I wouldn’t drink orange juice if they gave us for free

In a fury rage I left into the bathroom and washed my face
I was appalled that I had married her without knowing her true feelings
If she likes orange juice she might as well think Rogue One and Transcendence good movies
It was painful like a slap in the face

I mustered the courage to tell her please could we have any other thing than orange juice
Honey don’t embarrass me we’ve been meaning to come here for a year
I’d rather you made me see avatar again than do this here can we call a truce
Please can you understand my side she whispered in my ear calm down before security gets here