Here’s My Joy.

Am I anything beyond my feelings
My love my fear my joy
When I win a game online is that real
When I have a non terrible female encounter

Is the fact that its chemically triggered falsifying
Does it change the fact that I think I feel my feelings
My encouragement helping a loved one
Discovering that someone else but me cares about my life

Is it bleak to be hyper aware of death
Or is it just a healthier form of denial
History is fascinating in its repeating patterns
Cities look better if you’re high enough

I’m self conscious because of my weight and hair styling
I’m not happy because I’m doing nothing but loathing myself
I found out that I was not terrible at cricket
I don’t think people hate me cause of my skin colour they might if I was an asshole

Are you a good person if you’ve just never seen bad stuff
Or is good only from overcoming evil
Relativism helped me think but like other things is only useful to a point
I love rock music and especially maroon 5

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