Inner Heart

They put a microphone to my heart

Let it speak they said

This was a set up from the start

I just found out, they just then heard


I like love for love is good

Death is bad and hunting evil

Killing is bad as well even for food

I hate hate on a level primeval


Lets protect our children

Lets feed the poor

Lets stop bullying because of freedom

Lets stop the water from eating into our shore


They stood and nodded like I was speaking truth

All applauding my bravery to say what they knew

Heart was happy for the pain they helped it sooth

Happiness was shown my heart by the cast and crew


I went mad that week in my mother’s basement

With a cursory knowledge of logic and philosophy

I got up and dropped down to the pavement

As nonsense babbling increasing came out of me


Is hating hatred still hatred but the hating kind

Is loving enough to live by as complex creatures

Is shaming a bully not viciously egregious and unkind

Is evil our real problem or is it when love turns sour

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