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Free my hand
Let me write my wrongs
My drum my band

Put my hurt feelings in songs

Lazy I’ve been called lately
When I’m wired to an eleven daily
My hard hat for my building of a constitution

One unchanged by the world’s disruption

Hungry I feel often not for achievement
But for a respectable level of involvement
In my deals with devils and their one black friend

And my deep thinking on what tweet to send

Mindless drivel they say I write for low minds
But short people don’t like to be called that
At least that’s what it said in my contract
Written by smart ladies who want recognition for more than their rope binds

Bamboo Chair

I think of her often and the times we shared
All the times we would get angry and be separately red
Her singing while flipping our morning eggs

When she was absent to come home safe for her i would beg

Late I was again, she was asleep in our rocking chair
Back and forth by herself and I hoped she knew I care
I tap her shoulder to help relocate her to some better stead

She does not respond so i lift her and gently rest her head

I seldom felt lucky but I felt privileged to be with her
Lying flat on the bed as she rolled by herself all over
Hair like flower petals when the sun comes out

I kiss her head and add a pillow and closed her yawning mouth

Comfortably resting in the bamboo chair on the veranda
I covered myself with a blanket and hoped insomnia would let me go far
Sleep was no more peaceful as i found myself rocking in the turbulent sea

But i heard her voice as she spoke and I could feel her warmth and her warmth I could see

I say good morning to an echoing empty room
Tears well up like I am reacting to a deadly fume
It is real life and she is not there
It was the wind that was rocking the bamboo chair


Life imitates art so I did not draw
Upon my past to look forward
Towards a tragic lifeless living
I’ll be an older man still unbelieving

Nectar is for the buzzing bees
I spit fire at giants resulting in scalded knees
My eyes are tired but my body hibernating
Should have spent less time looking and more time waiting

Hope comes from a well I don’t wanna dig up
I’d rather shovel toward the inevitable things
So I’m a dig a grave all of five feet deep
Because it’s not about room it’s bout if the smell will keep

Shame was like a spell ever looming

Cycle of Tears

I painted still life with water colour
When I was a little boy
I sought approval from mother for colours
When I had no little toys

Sight kindly gave as I grew older
My age waned as I was less sober
What tiny lies we say to smile
That the moon is cheesy and life’s a few hundred miles

My heart has grown weary from lack
But I don’t care enough to bring it back
I stabbed many sides of many friends
My luck failed every morning to meet my end

I’m tired of trying and failing at every instance
Even ending it all faces resistance
Like I look in the mirror and he tells me to stay
But what good can I lend when I’ve always stalked prey

Put me out to pasture please end my existence
I could pay you even to start the proceedings
I’m guilty of all my wrong can you hear me now
Ghosts still don’t care that I’m a criminal

What great invention did I originate before my age of disappointment
What great plans did I appreciate before my solitary confinement
Was wasted potential put my energy to waste
Was tired individual did nothing with haste

Hinged beliefs

I ticked my ballot paper
Put it in with others
Took it all in as I left the building
My hope I’d picked a side

Filled in multiple choices for a sitting exam
Went over again so I wasn’t wrong
Hope the answers didn’t bring me harm
Here’s what I wished for

I entered my name for the lottery
With astronomical odds and no hope
Just took a chance on myself
Like I rubbed a magic lamp

We sat in the pews one early Sunday
Got knee down to pray
Asked God for many and for little
A request was placed

Hopefully men hope fully
And dream quietly and boast triumphant
When success comes it will be because of acts
And not passive thoughts

It will be because of strife
And not tear filled eyes
It will be because of deeds
And not hinged beliefs


I’m a witness to my crime of living
And I’m the only one expressing misgivings
Like others are more concerned with when I kill me
Than they are if I die in proximity

I admit I’m guilty of not trying enough
Tried to be caught for not lying its rough
Couldn’t look her in the face to say I don’t care
That’s at least a half lie if we’re being fair

I got bloated like I consumed only helium
Got wasted like a king based in a colisseum
I shot my own foot like I liked to limp
At least I’d die a trying gimp

Mortal enemy was strife
And she looked at me funny
Couldn’t tell if she hated me or loved me
All I knew was she was my life

I will try to care less hope I feel better
Without caring less like the city weather
Mine is of an unfamiliar strain
I’m still convinced of triumph in my brain


Main attraction was her
Her mindfulness was strange
Countenance made me change
I notice she is far

Her eyes they sparkled
I was there and I was shocked
My eyes glanced and in a stare we were locked
In my mind that was well handled

Next she spoke to me
I heard her voice it sounded familiar
She brought me to tears, to laughter
When she said touch me

The vibe was wrong as I misspoke and said that we could be friends
Her eyes contract as she was broke and didn’t like the signal that sends
One day we’ll dance I tried to say we’ll feel better in the Sun
That way that trance today as delicate as my fun