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No visions

She held my hand and it was magic
Hope the night will stay for awhile
Showed her quiet rooms how tragic

They were happy once with smiles

See that room there was a couple within
And they had two small children
Till a plague came in, took away their grins

And all that was left was dark like their skin

In room number 2 was a burgeoning writer
All dreams and no visions
Till one night he sees something red like danger

And he has no visions

I don’t know what we’ve been on
I’ve known too much pain to string you along
It’s not you its my sadness

Won’t use my pain to taint your gladness

I hope she keeps smiling
Don’t remember me like a pile of autumn leaves in summer
Snap her fingers forget our slumbers
Hope she keeps on smiling

Lone bush

My hair was untamed and wild
My skin cracked, my lips mild
My face caked with muddy dirt

I am in no mood for words

Longer my beard grew till it looked as bushy as my head hair
I did not tend to myself or the field crops
Alive I am a little far from the jagged rocks

I see the sea but she ignores my stare

My clothes are torn and patched like my old school uniform
Colours are evolved now my green shorts brown from my bleeding
My injuries open sores with flies feasting

I lost weight in the first few months like I swallowed a tape worm

It’s been months since I felt my feet
I barely can muster energy for the dirt I eat
God will not let me die even as I have asked
Why grant wishes when peace evades me at last

Cry for another

Save your tears for someone else
I saw my fears and ran away
Little effort for maximum reward
My hopes were for life to be my steward
Limits to myself I never believed in
But every excuse to do nothing was welcome
I don’t resign to die alone but expect nothing less
And the future is a bad luck stream
Funds for my degeneracy
My alcoholic tendency
Passed my father from my grandpa
Smoke like a chimney and wonder from whence comes the cancer
Hey female I’m around you and you should notice
My future was evicted here’s the notice
Will you be homeless with me
None pretty sights and deeds await me
It ends not with a whisper or a bang
But in a back alley atop a trash bag
All his dreams and potential wasted on doubt
He was like me in his dealings with clout
He died for none nor himself
He lived alone like a freak
His ways were dark and his path sordid
So he knew why he had no one


I got too many fans so my heart gone cold
Put my body in a bag cause my heart got old
I’ve been thinking about my future
And in it how much you feature

Are you a long term friend
Or a short term loan
Stuck to me till the end
Or change like my cellphone

My peace from fitting pieces
I lost joy when there was peace
And they could thrive without me
Life was fine when I was gone so that I was no use to start with

Fire resistant

I know I’m inconsistent
Like sometimes fire resistant
Other times get burned
And I feel the flames are attracted
It’s like a lot of other things
Easy to watch from afar
But up close it gets different..
Regardless of intent
I cry sad tears to wet my eyes
I lie my fears in a bed of mice
Comfort is far from my ailing
My body unresponsive like I’m mailing
I’d annoyed another for my humour
It was funny was the rumour
Can’t recall it because I don’t want to
Live my life like we’re one and two
Tired of feeling like a joyless being
I closed my eyes and let my cheeks grin
Morale is as low as my morals
Im another mass produced contrarian

Agreeable Vagabond

I heard about your bandwagon

Please can I jump on it

I’m an agreeable vagabond

And eager to please


Hold me let me check myself

Why hustle just jump on

There’s a seat for your ass welcome

Life is funny when worry is like all other luggage on a shelf


I know who you’ve been seeing

Brazilian girl with the full being

Now no more worry for you

Just get in and cruise let’s get her for you


You there with the fullness

Got the eyes following your finesse

Get on let’s solve your insecurity

Because when your one of many you’re just a number to me


Let’s cruise till the sun comes out

Till regret kicks in

I’m blessed cause I’ve seen

Many forget what to worry about

Valiant hero

Revel in your sin this day
For you have done more good than evil
Ended the life of a tyrannical lord truly evil
Fortune guide you on your journey we pray

Failure to conquer all he did even in his valiant fight
The minions and helpers still draw breath
A martyr he made to strengthen their resolve to fight
This victory may lead to worse outcomes and death

Off in the distance the horde approaches
Our hero had left our hospice in the night
Why did we grant this killing right
Hope our faith was not in vain or worthless

Our war God is full for many have fought and died
The children are captured along with daughters and mothers
Our chief left us and was killed amidst flight
There’s nothing left but trade with hoarders

We learn that our hero did not kill him but found him dead
Seeking glory he raised his worth above his head
Traded our secrets for a role in the horde
And stole from us and drew our blood