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A hill to die on

I woke up one bright early day
looking for a hill to die on
I saw a tweet about rocketman Yay
That is a journey worth trying

I picked up my clothes and folded them
Put them all in a bag neatly
I put on my glasses to look at the realm
And was off on the journey swiftly

I happened upon a bridge made wholly of wood
With three trolls standing smack in the middle
Who said they’d let me pass if I answered the riddle
What’s jolly and oaky and sounds like it’s good

The answer was clear it was Hollywood
The trolls departed sprinkling a fag or two on me as I passed
The horrid smell of cigarettes quickly passed
And soon there were sounds in the woods

I could hear roars and cheers and critters and twitters
Walked toward the roars to find a thorny hydra named Dragon
It said I had to find out which head housed liquid delusion
I waved my fingers and pointed at the third of its members

The head approached and came forward out of itself
It was a beautiful shell like they had promised
I left with one assurance not to be alone with its ideas by myself
Also to deflect whenever it asked what I’d promised

I started up the hill as the shell was on a satchel behind me
I could see the hill on the horizon
I could see a new Sun rising
A few more steps I thought and then I’m free

I saw other hills as I passed toward my goal
The shell tried to talk me out of my dreams
I passed The social justice, the white nationalist and blurry extremes
Could now see without my glasses, I was whole

I looked down and saw I was in the valley of the right politics
Where everything I beleived was backed by data
Even my wondering thoughts were sound beyond critiques
And in fact the critics were haters

I got to my hill to see others had cropped on it
It was someone’s attempt to solve a problem but they cared little
Well I was done caring about what people thought of it
So I lay my bed and slept till my eyes were only open a little

Greater good

I can’t see your greater good
I may have closed my eyes
Not for the many and not for the few
But for those tired of lies
Give me a cause to back and i may follow
Don’t use words that to us have no meaning
I need you to empathise with their sorrow
With the right amount of heart you may change my leaning
I’m not a hard man to please
Just say thank you, welcome and be polite
Don’t treat others like fleas
Even if they’re not very bright
I can’t see your greater good
I tried to listen but you were so verbose
They needed emotion pleas
You got on your political tippy toes
Speak to me a person to another
I may not empathise like family
But talk a little lighter and it’ll give you less bother
Change now that this not end in political tragedy

Stillborn Promise

There’s a lot of happenings in my life

That are very confusing still years after

I try to clear them up but there’s no funbacta

It’s not pain or guilt it’s not even strife


One day I met a female and she was beautiful

She had glorious eyes that I’d get lost in

I’d often find myself questioning

How much there was between us, was I a precise instrument or another tool


Two of the relationships I’ve been in were legitimately perplexing

I can’t tell if they were dates or just flirty platonic encounters

I find myself thinking about this late even after hours

It is still one of many mysteries to me and it is very confusing


Three of my university female companions were lies

Not in my telling of them or in them being untrue

We met in alleys such that the only proof that they were real is my telling that it’s true

I was either emotionally immature or they were spies


On the Fourth was the anniversary of the one that wrecked me forever

It made me afraid of the fairer sex because I’m still in the dark here after

What was the nature of our relationship and was it ever real

I went in and out of favour so I have some blame for this still


Five times I almost blurted out ‘I love you’ but I knew it wasn’t accurate

Stolen phones and missing conversations and unfollowed people

This is my love legacy, this is my still born promise of a steeple

I have no words for my past self other than those that will berate


You need to define things with six synonyms to get any meaning

To know what anything is, you need to ask

It’s not as though their identities are hidden or obscured by masks

I wish there was an ‘eternal sunshine’ mind spring cleaning

The will to die

They can’t self reflect if you break the mirrors
They can’t spout hatred if you turn off the speakers
They can’t protest if you lock their doors
They can’t hear different if you block their thinkers

They can’t run if you hide their sneakers
Can’t speak the wrong if you edit their features
Can’t hate if they have not consciousness
They can’t buy wrong if you seize their business

They can’t be fat if you stab their bellies
Can be thin barely on strawberry jellies
Can’t aspire if they have no vision
Can’t drink orange juice if we engage dilution

They can’t have nightmares if their lives are horrible
They can only speak from their corner marked deplorable
They can’t be individuals if we carve into their skins
And dissenters get the same into their shins

They can’t self flagellate until we buy them whips
They can’t wonder why they have no life if we mark them creeps
They can’t hate themselves until we make them fail to cry
They can’t kill themselves if they have no will to die

Drugged up Zombies

Once the trainees then the trainers
Now they thought they’re in the ring
Trading blows with the fighters
While the announcer doth sing

But they’re being kept in a place below ground
They’ve been there for years unable to get sound
Think their driving opposition up the enemy’s keister
But what’s true is rather more sinister

They are drugged up zombies
Who have nary a clue they are dead
Unachieving wannabes
Who got shot square in the head

What darkness horde had brought this upon them
It’s the bushes they didn’t hedge while they spent youth in pretend
It’s the dying parent’s screams to which they failed to attend
It’s the old glory that’s dead along with them

Whatever is to blame for the future being bare
Whether backs were broken
Whichever words were spoken
However much time was spent losing hair

It’s nothing and everything, oh what a conundrum
It’s the swinging church bells spewing confusion
It’s the time ending sound of skin drums
It’s the villainous time itself and whatever else is fed into their blurred vision

Inner Heart

They put a microphone to my heart

Let it speak they said

This was a set up from the start

I just found out, they just then heard


I like love for love is good

Death is bad and hunting evil

Killing is bad as well even for food

I hate hate on a level primeval


Lets protect our children

Lets feed the poor

Lets stop bullying because of freedom

Lets stop the water from eating into our shore


They stood and nodded like I was speaking truth

All applauding my bravery to say what they knew

Heart was happy for the pain they helped it sooth

Happiness was shown my heart by the cast and crew


I went mad that week in my mother’s basement

With a cursory knowledge of logic and philosophy

I got up and dropped down to the pavement

As nonsense babbling increasing came out of me


Is hating hatred still hatred but the hating kind

Is loving enough to live by as complex creatures

Is shaming a bully not viciously egregious and unkind

Is evil our real problem or is it when love turns sour


His hair stood shrinking beside his green bodice

What tired eyes he had

His name caused the halls to fill with seekers of solace

What big teeth he had


How nameless must fear be to cause hearts to stop

His every step dearly caused no hats to drop

Frozen in their drenched garments they waited to die

With the palpable fear they would stay frozen if he said ‘hi’


His emblem had burned whole kingdoms yesterday

And now he stood before peaceful trolls today

Why had he left his peaceful pillaging

To disturb this saintly place where rapists where gathering


If God forgives should man forget

If killed someone should words protect

From the fury of missing a relative gone

Or is it for peace and love to everyone