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Letter to me – No. 1

25 Northing ton Avenue,

Hampstead Road

Lincoln, England

10th February 2017

Dear Future Me,
Hello there! If you’re reading thus, then we re still alive and probably less fact I don’t know how you feel about you I have acted in this times but l know how I feel about my past self.

I used to think I was dumb when I was younger and know that’s the easy way to look back at yourself. l look back to when I was when dad told me about how the number stood for perfection. I was in the 3rd grade and was dealing with my first prepubescent feelings in particular for this girl  Ada. She had this beautiful smile and had quite a butt for our collective ages, I thought she liked me as well. I never expressed these feelings, not even till today and we remained friends through the years.I feel bad that i never acted on my feelings when I was younger because it left me with regrets, so many regrets. I do however not know what the response would have been, I was a fat kid whose competition was a new light skinned student named Michael, He was better built than I was, probably was smarter, could kick a football better and was more around the females than I was. Crushes can help you be better.

I had met her again in my secondary school where she was a year a head of one as she had proceeded to secondary school before me. All the feelings rushed back as we became quick friends, she had Just transferred to the grade ahead of me in the same year that | had began. It was the kind of friendship based on familiarity in a sea of strangeness but it was not mutual. I had recently become pubescent and well, it got word. It wasn’t just in relation to her, I had to wear shorts to school as part of the uniform-stop every time l got a boner,I had to walk through the hall way to my class at the and of the hall while displaying the visible protrusion to the world.

I know this letter may seem demoralising, but If of made you laugh even a little then my work is done. I’ll send more your way as time passes.

Yours sincerely,
John Broadgait